Hello World!

14 11 2012

Faced with a growing world population, a finite amount of natural resources and global climate issues, engineers are consistently working to find more efficient solutions to transport both goods and populations.  One solution is the use of hydrogen fuel cells to replace the internal combustion engine in automobiles.  The intent of the H2 Eco Challenger team is to design and build a vehicle that runs using a hydrogen fuel cell to compete in the 2013 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas competition.

The Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual competition where students from around the world design, build and drive their creations in order to achieve the highest energy efficiency for their chosen fuel type category (e.g. hydrogen fuel cell, gasoline, battery electric, etc.).  The participants are challenged to drive a fixed number of laps around a circuit, at a set speed, to see how far they can travel on an equivalent to one liter of fuel.  The competition allows future engineers to push the boundaries of vehicle design, through innovative ideas and manufacturing processes, to promote a cleaner and more energy efficient mobile tomorrow.