Vehicle Body

The H2 Eco Challenger vehicle will be 81.3 cm in height, 92.5 cm in width and 241 cm in length.  In order to achieve the goal of at least 2000 miles per gallon (mpg) equivalent fuel efficiency, the overall weight for the vehicle will be 60 kg using a carbon fiber monocoque body.  The vehicle will be driven on three wheels (two in the front and one in the back) using an electric hub motor at the rear wheel, 20 inch low rolling resistance tires, and an Ackerman steering geometry that is capable of the required 6 meter turning radius.  Powering the electric motor will be a 1000 watt hydrogen fuel cell stack.

A honeycomb core ribbing system will be inlaid into the carbon fiber monocoque to provide additional structural support, as well as a side air scoop for better air flow to the fuel cell stack.